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The Cannes Experience

You plan to attend Pavillon Afriques at the 77th Cannes Film Festival?

We help you live the best Cannes Experience ever.

Don’t miss any step and take advantage of our concierge services.

1. Accreditation


All you need to know about it is here: 

Only the festival is authorized to answer questions regarding your accreditations.

Choose the right accreditation for you. The Festival accreditation is free up to March 15, except for a 20 euros environmental fee.
To attend PA, a Festival accreditation is enough.

Access to PA is free, except for special events.

2.​ Visa

If you need a visa to come to France, make sure you apply well in advance!

If you are part of the program (Speaker, Moderator) and you can’t secure an appointment at the French embassy in your country or your visa is denied, send a mail to and we will do our best to help.

​3. Book your accommodation

It can be challenging to find an affordable accommodation in Cannes if you leave it to the last minute. And you have to be aware of the frauds.

Read here:

We have selected a great concierge for you. Contact Christian with the necessary information so he can find the best deal for you: budget, number of persons, etc.

Luxury Cab - Whatsapp+33 6 17 14 39 50 -

​4. Other concierge services

You want to rent a car, make a reservation in a restaurant, secure your transfers from the airport, get invited in the best parties in Cannes or anything else? Again, Christian is your man : Luxury Cab - Whatsapp+33 6 17 14 39 50 -

​5. Prepare your visit

Our application will be up soon to help in many capacities. Once it’s up:

  • Check the program

  • Register to the activities you need to

  • Get in touch with other participants before Cannes

  • Book your B2B meetings with other attendees

  • Register to our newsletter and on our social media to keep up to date.

6. How to get to us

We are located in the white tent n° 211, Pantiero side.




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