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Mark Watlon
President, Sales & Marketing
One Caribbean Television


Mark Walton is currently President of Sales & Marketing for One Caribbean Television (OCTV), a 24/7 television network committed to providing news, weather, lifestyle and entertainment programming for and about the Caribbean.  


Prior to this, he was Executive Vice President for Sales & Marketing at The Africa Channel, a cable television network that offers entertainment and information programming about Africa and its people.  


He was co-founder of Onyx Media Group International, a global TV syndication company which secured distribution and sponsorship for over fifty (50) independently produced TV programs. 


Mr. Walton has also been a senior executive or management consultant to several international media and business entities, notably: The Corporate Council on Africa, Côte Ouest (African TV & film distributors), Moguldom Media Group (web publishers of AFK Insider and AFK Travel) and UrFilez (cloud-based music service for Africa).


In the film arena, Mr. Walton was Vice President of Marketing at the independent film distribution company KJM3 Entertainment Group that successfully marketed and distributed Julie Dash’s award-winning film, Daughters of the Dust and Raoul Peck’s, The Man by the Shore.   


Mr. Walton spent over ten years with the CBS Television Network in New York holding various management positions in sales and marketing. 


For over twenty (20) years, he was as an adjunct instructor in the Media Management department at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business and is currently teaching part-time in the Media Studies department at The New School.  


He serves on the Honorary Board of Directors of Sister Cities International as well as on the Board of Advisors at Boston University’s College of Communication.


In 2013, Mr. Walton received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Boston University’s College of Communication, where he earned his BS in journalism.  

He holds a Master’s from the Yale School of Management.  

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Kimberly Quigley
Founder at Skyrocket Inc

Creator and producer of celebrity interview show The Red Booth - quickly growing it from local TV to National Cable to now being broadcast in multiple countries - Quigley’s aptitude, talent, drive and passion is the force behind Skyrocket’s imminent world-wide presence, as she works towards taking the company public. 

Quigley’s lifetime of experience in the media industry began with print and runway modeling as a teen. Her work soon evolved into writing and directing short films and acting on numerous TV shows airing on HBO and airing on other national and international networks. 

In 2006 Quigley formed Druid Pictures which was the company which helped develop several feature films and then went on to produce the national TV Show The Red Booth, where she not only served as CEO but was involved in all aspects of film development and production, from financing to distribution and more. 

Building upon these successes with Skyrocket, Quigley’s vision is to establish a global media distribution platform that provides independent creators with maximal direct access to television distributors and an arguably unprecedented share in the revenues of their own projects. Through Skyrocket's music division Andromeda Records -- which Quigley created to help serve artists in the music field -- Skyrocket will do the same for those in the music industry. 

Starting with branded channel Entertainment Africa which Quigley founded in 2020, to bring film and TV series made by the underserved community of African filmmakers directly to African and international markets, and now launching independent content picked up and distributed by Skyrocket for the international market throughout the major continents of the world, while growing the productions of Druid Pictures from one national TV show to five planned original series in 2021, Skyrocket is actively working on M&A to bring in renowned media companies including other production companies to help with the growth of in house productions, innovative apps for media, and so much more. 

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