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Panel: The African Film Industry - A Canadian Perspective

Speaker -

Sonia Aimy


Bio -

With her inimitable, velvety voice, Nigerian-born singer, songwriter, actress, activist Aimy is the quintessential embodiment of contemporary African music. Her sound blends Afro-jazz, Afro-beat. highlife, and call-and-response African griot tradition, in easy flowing, yet virtuosic performances.

Her irresistible rhythms and melody and infectious joie de vivre unite audiences of diverse backgrounds. Her upcoming album, Reconnect, is a heavy groove of Afro Beat set for inspiration, it offers spiritual nourishment, intellectual stimulation and is a joy to the senses.

Sonia Aimy has won fans in Europe, Africa, and North America through her on stage appearances with the likes of African musical legends Hugh Masekela, the Mahotella Queens, Miriam Makeba, and more...

She started singing at age eleven from her mother gaining early education in the folklore the Bini, an interest she extended into traditional music, storytelling, and dance. She studied jazz music and interpretation, as well as theatre arts, crafting a sound that has become distinctly her own. Motherhood is an important theme that often appears in her lyrics, along with a deep concern for justice.

Tracks from her album Nigerian Spirit charts are, Ase #2 chart World Music-Mexico, Nigerian Spirit #4 Root Music International and more.
Aimy is the Founder and ED at African Women Acting AWA –
Sonia Aimy:

Company details -

Company's Name

AWA (African Women Acting)

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