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Festivals Meet-Up: Film Festivals from the West Mixer

Speaker -

CR Capers

Bio -

CR Capers is the Founder and CEO of Harlem Film House, a 501(c) 3) corporation, providing filmmakers services and resources to ensure longevity in careers in film, theatre and related entrepreneurial pursuits in underserved communities around the world.

In her role as Executive Director, CR creates and produces film & music festivals, operates year-round workshops, theatre productions and live events, and oversees thriving streaming network, The programs she produces provide an ecosystem with marketing and strategic partnerships between filmmakers, activists, businesses, entrepreneurs and the community at large.

She is the founder and director of the award-winning Hip Hop Film Festival, named “BEST NEW FILM FESTIVAL THE UNITED STATES”. Her popular radio show and podcast “Why You Mad Son?” (which deals with the social ills plaguing the human community) generated over 3 million listeners worldwide and still boasts a legion of loyal fans raised in the global Hip Hop culture.

She has directed and produced 3 films and 2 shorts through her film company MBS Films.

Festival (Hip hop Film Festival) Bio:
Out of over 5,000 festivals in the world, the Hip-Hop Film Festival is the only one to focus on writers, directors and producers from the culture. The festival hosts over 200 filmmakers from the United States, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the UK, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa, Kenya, India, Japan, Portugal, Argentina and more. The Hip Hop Film Festival features stories from a variety of genres, including mystery, sci-fi, horror, action and romance. It is also the only film festival that shares profits directly with participating filmmakers.

IG: @hiphopfilmfestnyc | @hiphopfilmfestival | @harlemfilmhouse |
FB: Hip Hop Film Festival NYC

Company details -

Company's Name

Hip Hop Film Festival

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