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Pavillon Afriques 2023
16 - 25 mai, 2023

Mettre en valeur la richesse du cinéma africain auprès des professionnels du cinéma mondial



Nous mettons en valeur la richesse du cinéma africain auprès des professionnels du cinéma mondial.



Rejoignez le Pavillon Afriques pour profiter d'un large éventail d'activités promotionnelles.

What's New

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Listen to podcasts featuring interviews and insights from film professionals.

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Watch interviews from global film professionals and festival participants.

View of the Pantiero side of the Film Ma


See images from past events, including the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

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Online Film School

Learn from the best to keep your competitive edge! Top trainers with SAG, Emmy, Oscar Awards


Official Media Partner 2023

Introducing REDTV, a fast paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage. Proudly associated with the United Bank

for Africa, REDTV is here to entertain and inform with content that features the very best in entertainment, fashion, news, design, music, sport, movies and travel.

REDTV collaborates with the most talented visionaries, creative minds daring to believe in a New Africa, putting together content that reflects it. Feel the Heat on REDTV.

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Donate to Pavillon Afriques through our fiscal sponsor The Film Collaborative.

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